Villisca, a horror film I wrote, premiered at the LA Film Festival this month. I had to miss the screening, but I toast the film makers - cast and crew - who made it happen!

The Write Up

Over the last two years I've been hosting KUT's podcast THE WRITE UP with Owen Egerton. We've had the opportunity to talk with such writers as Doug Dorst, Carrie Fountain, Manuel Gonzales, Amelia Gray and much more. Check it out. You can listen from or go straight to iTunes.  

Master Pancake

I'm jumping back on stage with Master Pancake at the Alamo Drafthouse this June for out take on TAKEN. It's been a busy season of writing, so it will feel grand to dive into some gleeful movie mocking once again!

Instructor Q&A

Here’s an interview I did with the Writers League of Texas. I’ll be teaching a screenwriting workshop for them this Saturday!


An Interview with Owen Egerton

Owen did a great Q&A for us on Scribe last year and we wanted to share it again in anticipation of his new class, “How to Write a Hollywood Screenplay” on Saturday, October 24. Read the interview below and visit the class page to learn more.

Owen Egerton is the author of Everyone Says That at the End of the WorldHow Best to Avoid Dying, and The Book of Harold, the Illegitimate Son of God, which was optioned by Warner Bros. Television. As a screenwriter Owen has worked for Fox, Warner Bros., and Disney, writing scripts for Owen Wilson, Bill Hader, and Amy Poehler. Voted Best Local Author by the Austin Chronicle, Owen is also one of the talents behind the award-winning Master Pancake Theater at the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre.

In what ways do you find screenwriting and novel writing similar? What do you…

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