My new novel HOLLOW hits shelves today.

Today Hollow is officially launched. Writing this book was one of the more painful and rewarding experiences of my life. I am thrilled to finally share it with you. Order your copy online here


George Saunders on The Write Up

Hosting KUT's The Write Up  is a true pleasure. Getting a chance to talk with my favorite writers about their work and lives makes me outrageously happy. In this episode, I talk with novelist, essayist, and short story writer George Saunders about his new novel Lincoln in the Bardo. Enjoy!    

Owen Edgerton’s ‘Follow’ is now on Amazon Prime

Follow in now on Amazon Prime and the Austin American Statesman thinks you should see it to get into the Christmas spirit!

Austin Movie Blog

Let’s say you’re a genre movie fan. Crime, sci-fi, horror…you’re into it.

Let us also say it is Christmas time. You aren’t in the mood for the noir-tinged “It’s a Wonderful Life” because you have pretty much memorized it at this point. Nor are you down with, say, “Silent Night, Deadly Night” because murdery Santa is just not the most relaxing image with which to end the emotional trash fire that was 2016. But you still want something with an edge and have also seen “Lethal Weapon” all of the times one possibly can.

"Follow" “Follow”

May I direct your attention to “Follow,” Austin mutli-hyphenate Owen Egerton‘s Christmas-themed, Austin-set, horror movie? It is now on Amazon Prime.

In other Egerton news, his novel “Hollow” is being published by Soft Skull Press. “It comes out this summer, so I’m in the last push on revisions,” he said Tuesday. “This book…

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My film FOLLOW hits theaters and VOD

Friday September 30th, my film Follow hits screens both big and small. In Austin, we're having a celebration at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar with Noah Segan and many of the talented people who made the film happen. If you're in town, join us! Catch Follow playing at select Alamo Drafthouses and anywhere online that you... Continue Reading →

KOOP’s Writing on the Air

Tonight at 6pm Jodi and I will be on KOOP Radio's Writing on the Air chatting about This Word Now and all things books and such! Tune in! Here's a fun bio KOOP wrote about us, too:

Instructor Q&A: Jodi and Owen Egerton

Jodi and I are teaching a workshop on August 27th. In anticipation, Michael Noll of the Texas Writers League asked us some questions.


“My favorite writing time and ritual is waking pre-dawn…The morning can be wonderful, as exhilarating as a Barton Springs swim. Other mornings I feel stuck, useless, and tired. But I have never regretted waking up, never regretted sitting with the page in those dark, early hours.”

-Owen Egerton

From writing books to making films to clowning on stage, Jodi and Owen Egerton play a key part in many of the scenes that make Austin a national hotspot for creativity. Jodi is a celebrated workshop leader, book editor, and wordslinger for Typewriter Rodeo. Owen is the author of several novels and numerous screenplays as well as a feature film director. He has been voted Austin’s Best Author by the readers of The Austin Chronicle seven times.

Jodi and Owen are teaching a class for the Writers’ League called “This Word Now: Brainstorming Your Way into Stories and Out of Dead Ends” on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at the ACC Riverside Campus. Based…

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I am so excited about the book Jodi and I wrote on creative writing. THIS WORD NOW is out in the world and making waves. We had an amazing amount of support through our Kickstarter to bring this book to life. It is such a thrill to see it in people's hands.

One Page Salon – July 5th

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Join me as I host Austin mischief makers like Carolyn Cohagan (author of the muched buzzed about novel TIME ZERO), songster, stage-hound, glory lovenut Southpaw Jones, wit-wizard and fashion Einstein Amy Gentry (whose debut novel GOOD AS GONE hit shelves in July), playwright, improv master, and sulky male modleCurtis Lucianii, story/screenwriter/novelist... Continue Reading →

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