Instructor Q&A: Jodi and Owen Egerton

Jodi and I are teaching a workshop on August 27th. In anticipation, Michael Noll of the Texas Writers League asked us some questions.


“My favorite writing time and ritual is waking pre-dawn…The morning can be wonderful, as exhilarating as a Barton Springs swim. Other mornings I feel stuck, useless, and tired. But I have never regretted waking up, never regretted sitting with the page in those dark, early hours.”

-Owen Egerton

From writing books to making films to clowning on stage, Jodi and Owen Egerton play a key part in many of the scenes that make Austin a national hotspot for creativity. Jodi is a celebrated workshop leader, book editor, and wordslinger for Typewriter Rodeo. Owen is the author of several novels and numerous screenplays as well as a feature film director. He has been voted Austin’s Best Author by the readers of The Austin Chronicle seven times.

Jodi and Owen are teaching a class for the Writers’ League called “This Word Now: Brainstorming Your Way into Stories and Out of Dead Ends” on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at the ACC Riverside Campus. Based…

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