This Word Now

My wife Jodi and I are writing a book! And we’ve launched a KICKSTARTER!

In the tradition of Bird by Bird, Writing Down the Bones, and The Art of Fiction, our book will share our insights on writing and living a creative lifestyle. We’re calling it This Word Now.

Whether you’re a seasoned author working to complete your third novel, or an aspiring writer launching your first blog, this book will guide you through techniques for sparking creativity, crafting narrative structure, and bringing intensity to your voice and story. Through a series of essays and exercises inspired by our work in writing, workshop leading, and improvisation, we will challenge you to take your writing in new directions, leap into the unknown, and play with images, words, and ideas.

We view writing not just as a craft or a profession, but as a way of interacting with the world. The title This Word Now captures the focus on presence and passion that we aim to bring to our writing, teaching, and our day to day approach to life. We’re excited to share this part of who we are in this book.

The funds from this Kickstarter will enable us to carve out the time to write the book, and will then support the editing and publishing process. With the support of our community, we can have a book in your hands by early 2015.

For a snapshot of our style, check out what Owen’s written about craft and the writing life:


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