Literary Death Match on April 3rd

Alamo Ritz, April 3rd: TICKETS

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LITERARY DEATH MATCH has traveled across the globe from LA to Helsinki to Hong Kong. It’s one of the most celebrated international reading series running today. And the LITERARY DEATH MATCH is much more than a typical night of readings. In a bizarre brainy twist on American Idol, four outstanding authors compete before a live audience and three celebrity judges. Prepare yourself for a genius night of literature, comedy, hijinks, elbow patches, booze and outright silliness with some of the biggest names in Austin letters.

Judges Bob Schneider (Austin Music Awards Musician of the Year, Lonelyland), Sarah Bird (Texas Literary Hall of Famer, Above the East China Sea) and 
Owen Egerton (Master Pancake, How Best to Avoid Dying) will be humorously and a little ruthlessly judging Manuel Gonzales (The Miniature Wife and Other Stories)
 Jennifer DuBois (Cartwheel, A Partial History of Lost Causes
) Neal Pollack (Downward-Facing Death, Jewball and Alternadad
) Elizabeth McCracken (NY Times Notable An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination).

Celebrated host and ne’er-do-well Adrian Todd Zuniga will host the evening.



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