Wild, Wonderful, Fierce

Oscar was born five years ago today. Here’s the note I wrote the morning after his birth…
Hey Friends

Last night Jodi felt that perhaps the baby would be coming… maybe sometime today. We prepared the house, put Arden to bed and took a deep breath… then things started to happen, and happen fast. At 11:22 pm, Jodi was sure that this was indeed labor. We called G.B. Khalsa, our wonderful midwife, and our incredible birth team and let them know. The baby was born less than three hours later. 1:57 am.

It was wild, wonderful and fierce. The kind of miracle that can only occur everyday and to everyone. Jodi called out in moans and roars, she was a prophet announcing this arriving soul, clearing the way with her call. She dug in like a sprinter, she pushed like rhino, she triumphed like salty yeti battling an army of Sherpas. Big burly Sherpas.

And he- journey maker, water breaker, breath taker- emerged into our airy, earthy world.

Friends, may I introduce you to Oscar Ivor Egerton.


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