Texas Observer observers…

Been a busy six weeks of book events and Alamo comedy shows.

In the midst of all that a very cool review of Everyone Says That at the End of the World came out from the Texas Observer’s Amy Gentry.

Here’s how it starts:

“The biggest surprise in Owen Egerton’s madcap, mildly heretical novel Everyone Says That at the End of the World, which features a crustacean messiah and 28 clones of Jesus of Nazareth, is that it takes religion quite seriously.

The second biggest surprise is that during the apocalypse, an army of nutria will rise from Lady Bird Lake and kill us all. I didn’t even know we had nutria.”


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  1. Owen-
    Just finished “Everyone….” and I wanted to thank you for a great read…anyone who can help shatter the illusions by which we live is OK in my book. But also, as a guy who loves 60’s music, Mingus (Ah Um), and is also a Christian now dabbling in Buddhism, you hit all the right notes for me. I loved your book.

    I wonder if you know that there was a 60’s band that was a bit of a precursor to Pearl-Swine. Procol Harum did their share of imaging in the apocalypse and even the rapture. Most know “Whiter Shade of Pale,” but Keith Reid also wrote a number of poems (which Gary Brooker put to music) with some dark visions. If you have not heard it, check out “Whaling Stories” at the link I provided: images of the apocalypse, the rapture, replaces nutria with bloodhounds, and even has soup!!! And if that is not enough, Robin Trower on lead…you can’t go wrong.

    And of course, “Piggy Pig Pig,” which has the classic line “God’s aloft the winds are raging, God’s aloft the winds are cold.”

    But I digress….thanks so much for your book. Well done. I look forward to your next effort.

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