Screenplay: Craft to Career March 3rd-4th

Want to write your first screenplay? Or improve your craft? Want to learn what Hollywood producers and studios are looking for in a polished spec script? This weekend intensive will take you through the craft of screenwriting—from story to script to career.

Over 2 three-hour sessions at the historic Ritz Alamo Drafthouse, screenwriter Owen Egerton will lead you through hot idea hatching, precision plot building, dynamic character development, powerful scene construction and the secrets of crafting an excellent, sellable screenplay. Using big screen clips and in-hand scripts from such films as The Incredibles, Blood Simple and It’s a Wonderful Life, Owen will explain the essentials of screenplay structure and the more detailed nuances of passionate story-telling. The class will also cover how to move your film from the script to the screen. He’ll share the ins and outs of working with the major studios and key producers of the Hollywood system as well as the hungry filmmakers and fresh voices of independent film.

The Alamo kitchen and bar will be up and running for the class, so you can order off their incredible food and drink menu!

As a working screenwriter, Owen Egerton has written for Warner Brothers, Fox, Disney and many others. He’s collaborated with Bill Hader (SNL, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Akiva Shafer (SNL, Hot Rod, Lonely Island) director Shawn Levy (Real Steal, Date Night, Night at the Museum) among others. Owen co-founded The Sinus Show and regularly works with Austin’s Master Pancake Theater. He’s also an accomplished novelist and occasional university creative writing visiting professor.

6 Hour Screenwriting Intensive
Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd and 4th
9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Reserve a spot by emailing:

You’ll receive confirmation email with an address to send your check or money order.

Or pay now through PAYPAL below:



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